FileAwayWall: The best of the rest.

  1. DossierWall: Behind a DossierWall, the web only displays information on a certain topic—recipes or financial news, for instance.
  2. DueBackTodayWall: Envisions an Internet in which only one person can interact with a particular resource at a time. Reading the newspaper would be like trying to get a table at a New York restaurant on a Saturday night.
  3. TodayWall: Content behind a TodayWall is accessible only on the day of its publication. After that, it disappears. Sorry you missed it, you should have been there.
  4. ClayWall: Creates a web that is invite only, strictly VIP. Who you know is what you know. Access to every site requires the endorsement of several current users.
  5. BlaséWall: Only allows access to content in which you're not interested.
  6. StayWall: No waste allowed, all content on a page must be consumed before continuing on to the next.
  7. FlayWall: The web stripped of its packaging.
  8. HermèsWall: Brands your online presence.
  9. PureeWall: Little bits of everything all mixed up and uniform. Aggregation without representation.
  10. BetrayWall: Enforced balance by having to look at the opposite of what you want to look at (Washington Times if you navigate to the New York Times, Yanni when you search for Jay-Z).
  11. HoorayWall: Only one point of view is allowed.
  12. MichaelBayWall: Anything that has been on the screen for ten minutes explodes.